Green Mountain Pellet Smokers

With a great selection of Green Mountain pellet grills and accessories including their award winning pellet blends.  Fireplaces By Weiss Johnson can turn an average patio season into an incredible one. Drop by our showroom, take a look at them and speak to our employees about these amazing smokers. We all use them and can guide you to the perfect smoker for your lifestyle.  Can’t make it to our showroom, drop by Porkapalooza in Edmonton and speak to Steve our resident pitmaster

Becoming a BBQ pitmaster

If you want something a little different. Check out our line of Green Mountain Grills GMG pellet grills. We stock the Jim Bowie, the Davey Crocket and the Daniel Boone.  Crank up the heat to 500 degrees and these world famous grills will cook a steak in 10 minutes after a rushed day at work with soccer practice or dance class following. Turn the heat down to 150 degrees and these grills cook slow. Food is infused with the smoke from various hardwood pellets and the final product whether it be steak, chicken . brisket or vegetables is absolutely incredible.  If your amazed by the 1/4 inch smoke ring on brisket or the smoky pellicle on the pulled pork you can be guaranteed that the best Smoke houses will not be able to rival what you can now do at home.

Are you yearning to be a BBQ pitmaster? then the Green Mountain pellet grill is for you, from mixing different wood pellets, cooking at different temperatures and so on, this grill is built for experimentation and creativity. Fortunately they are also wi-fi controllable  which comes in handy when you are doing a long or cold smoke.

The best thing about the all Green Mountain Grills is their flexibility.  Slow smoke at 150 degrees, crank up the heat and finish at 500 degrees or just set it at 350 degrees and grill like you would with any regular gas BBQ.  No matter what you are cooking, how you want it cooked or what flavor profile you are looking for a Green Mountain Grill can deliver.

Drop by our showroom anytime to see these amazing and unique Green Mountain Grills. Most days in the summer you’ll even see us running one of the Green Mountain Grills  out front of the store !


Davy Crockett

Daniel Boone

Jim Bowie