Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

For many people summer just isn’t summer without being able to sit around a roaring fire while enjoying the company of friends in their back yard. The days of the DIY cinder block fire pits are long gone with a plethora of new stand alone chimney pots or wood burning fire tables that are now available. But are these the best choice? While convenient and relatively easy to move around they can be prone to rust and water pooling but most importantly they don’t have the capacity to give homeowners the roaring fire that they want.

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces are a great alternative. They are built to stand up to the harshest of Alberta winters, can safely burn large fires and direct the heat out the front instead of straight up like a wood burning fire table. Most also have safety screens, can be built into virtually any enclosure and best of all come from the factory ready to go.

We have several outdoor wood burning fireplaces available from Heatilator and Superior. For more information on them give us a call or request a quote through this website.