Bromic Platinum 300 Smart-Heat Gas (Natural Gas or Propane)

Bromic Platinum 300 Smart-Heat Gas (Natural Gas or Propane)


Elegant design without compromises. The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas heater series features a signature ceramic fascia that provides efficient and comforting even heat distribution across a large area. Available in two sizes with a wide array of ceiling and wall mounting options.

Tinted Glass-Ceramic Fascia
Spread comforting heat evenly across a large area

Environmental Efficiency
Slow-release ceramic burners are supremely efficient and the most environmentally sustainable gas-fired heating method available.

Elegant & Unique Design
Make your heater a feature or have it blend seamlessly into the background, thanks to a beautiful and elegant design.

Unrivaled Coverage
Project comfort evenly across a wide expanse while reaching deeply into open areas.

Wireless Control Capabilities
Seamless remote heater control with our genuine wireless control accessories.

Patented Direct Ignition System
Instantaneous ignition, whenever you require it, without the need for a pilot light.

Premium Construction
Exceptional engineering and premium materials provide reliable performance and durability.

Ultimate Wind Resistance
Innovative patented technology ensures reliable function in wind speeds up to 18km/h.

Set and forget
Simple and easy to use, with smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition.

Versatile Mounting & Directional Control
A range of dedicated ceiling and wall mount options let you reclaim valuable floor space, while a custom pivot bracket offers easily adjustable heat direction and coverage.

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