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72″ Rigid section – (female/male) – 5″/10″



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Montigo 72″ Female/Male Straight Rigid Section (5″/10″ Venting)

Meticulously engineered to complement our line of award winning fireplaces, Montigo rigid and flexible direct venting offers superior performance, proven durability and an ease of installation unparalleled in the hearth industry.

Montigo venting is tested as a component of the complete fireplace system. See the fireplace manual for the respective ANSI/CSA testing standard.

Refer to your Montigo fireplace manual for specific clearance requirements.

Connection and Installation Guidelines

  • Use any combination of rigid and flex pipe as required and in any orientation
  • Flex sections may be stretched up to 50% of their total length (e.g. a 24″ section can be stretched to 36″).
  • Connect all vent sections using a minimum of three sheet metal screws on the outer flue
  • Ensure the pipe ends male to female slide in a minimum of 1 1/2″ overlap
  • Ensure all horizontal runs are supported with a minimum of 3 supports per 10 feet of venting
  • When hanging/supporting venting, ensure that 1″ clearance is maintained on sides and bottom of vent runs and 2″ above horizontal vent runs to any combustible material
  • Rigid pipe many be cut less than half way from the FEMALE END ONLY
  • Ensure when cutting sections of rigid pipe to maintain integrity of the internal supports
  • Flex pipe CANNOT be cut
  • Place the springs, supplied with the pipe kit (flex only), between the outer and inner pipes to keep the pipes separate and avoid any possible hot spots
  • Montigo recommends the use of a flex section for the first section of venting connected directly to the fireplace, offering greater flexibility of installation and absorption of movement
  • Firestops must be installed as required by National and local codes
  • Montigo recommends that all exterior corners and joints be sealed with exterior caulking. However, we encourage you to consult your Building Envelope Engineer or Waterproofing consultant for further recommendations.

What’s Included

  • 1 x Straight Rigid Section


  • Straight Rigid Section
  • Inner 30-Gauge galvanized steel
  • Exterior 26-Gauge galvanized steel
  • 5″/10″ Direct Vent Component