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Ecoflow Touchscreen Remote Control



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The F2689 Electronic EcoFlow Touchscreen Remote Control EF-TCHSRCK is the OEM complete replacement remote kit with plate.

This kit contains the VCS-ECOTSS01-1 Remote Transmitter

Basic Construction

  • Touch-Screen LCD and three push buttons will allow input from users – the 1st touch of the LCD screen or press of a push button will only illuminate the backlight (will not respond to associated function).
  • LCD screen will provide system status & input feedback to user.
  • The remote is labeled VCS-ECOTSS01-1
  • Backlight will illuminate LCD screen for 5 seconds after any user input.
  • Powered via four AAA sized alkaline batteries (6V nominal) with LOW BATTERY INDICATOR (5.0V).
  • Transmission Frequency: 303.8MHz, certified per FCC Part 15B/ANSI C63.4 and IC RSS-210.