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On/Off Remote and receiver w white cover



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F2236 On and Off Remote and Receiver with Wall Plate series RC KIT4001

This remote control system was developed to provide safe, reliable, and user-friendly remote control system for gas heating appliances.
The system can be operated manually from the transmitter.
The system operates on one of 255 settable security codes on the transmitter and receiver.
The transmitter has ON and OFF functions that are activated by pressing either button on the face of the transmitter. When a button on the transmitter is pressed, a signal light on the transmitter illuminates briefly to verify that a signal has been sent.
Upon initial use, there may be a delay of three seconds before the remote receiver will respond to the transmitter. This is part of the system’s design.
If the signal light does not illuminate, check the position of the transmitter’s battery.

The transmitter has (2) code switches located on the back that will need to be set when installation is complete. Note: Code setting section The transmitter operates on (1) 3V Button Cell (Included) that powers the RF signal. Before using the transmitter the 3-volt battery must be installed into the battery compartments.
Remove the battery holder from the bottom of the transmitter insert the 3-volt button cell battery in the battery holder with the plus (+) side up.