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RGC3063 Montigo Proflame 2 Remote Control Transmitter GTMFL series for use with IFC Proflame systems using both the IPI and CPI fireplace features.

This Montigo Proflame 2 remote control transmitter for Sit Controls was used on many Montigo direct vent gas fireplaces and stoves and has the ability to control several fireplace control features.

You can program this remote to your existing fireplace or stove with a simple programming feature on your current IPI control module and the auto program feature in the Proflame 2 handheld remote control.

Push the SW1 program button one time on your IPI Control module and you should hear the 3 short beep telling you the receiver is now ready to accept a new code from the remote transmitter.

Now push the On/Off button of your handheld remote transmitter and you should hear 4 beeps from the IPI control module telling you the module and the remote are now paired with the same RF code and ready to be used.

If after you have performed this procedure you are still not able to control your gas log set remotely then the most common failure part is the IPI/CPI module.


Initializing the System for the first time
1. Set master override switch to off position.
2. Install four (4) AA batteries into the battery holder.
3. Install three (3) AAA batteries in the back of the remote control.

**Note the polarity of batteries and install them as indicated by the silk screen (+/-) on the holder**

4. Connect AC Power (115 volts, 60 Hz) to fireplace.

Operating the Remote System for the first time

5. Press SW1 button on the control module. The control module

will beep three (3) times and an amber LED is illuminated to
indicate that the IFC is ready to synchronize with a remote
control within 10 sec.
Push the ON button on your handheld remote.

The IPI control module will “beep” four (4) times to indicate transmitter’s command is accepted.

The System is now initialized.