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This is an OEM Amantii Replacement Hand Held Remote (10105063 R63) for several different models of Amantii electric fireplaces. This is a genuine Amantii remote that will ship new in its original packaging, it is not an aftermarket copy.

Amantii Part Number: 10105063 R63

Applicable Amantii Electric Fireplace Models:

This Hand Held Remote (10105063 R63) is applicable to the following models:

  • TRD-26 – TRD-30 – TRD-33 – TRD-38 – TRD-44 – TRD-48
  • Remii 102745-DE – 102755-DE – 102765-DE
  • Amantii WM-FM-BG Series
  • Amantii WM-FML Series
  • Amantii WM0BI-2428-VLR-BG
  • Amantii BI-DEEP-OD Series
  • Amantii BI-DEEP-XT Series
  • Amantii View XL Series
  • Amantii View Slim & XL-XT Series
  • Amantii CUBE-2025WM
  • Amantii SYM Series
  • Amantii SYM-XT Series
  • Amantii E50 & E70
  • Amantii 102745-XT
  • Amantii 102755-XT
  • Amantii 102765-XT
  • Amantii 102745-DE
  • Amantii 102755-DE
  • Amantii 102765-DE
  • Amantii ZECL-31-3228-STL
  • Amantii FS-26-922