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Starfire Luster 2.0 Cube10 lb. Bag

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American Fire Glass

American Fire Glass 1/2-Inch Fireglass 2.0, 10-Pounds, Starfire Luster offers a contemporary fire media option to accent your gas fire pit or fireplace. The brilliant sparkle and shine will balance the fire’s intensity and add a touch of elegance to any room or patio. The Fire glass 2.0 collection adds an extra dimension of style with its shimmering appearance and modern square shape. All of our American Fire Glass products are made from glass that’s been manufactured to guarantee no dangerous edges. All fire glass products have been quality inspected by highly trained professionals to ensure performance, elegance, and 100% customer satisfaction.

All of our fire glass comes in standard (10) pound increments – (10) pounds of fire glass amounts to a volume that is slightly less than 1 gallon. Picture a gallon of milk, and imagine that (10) pounds of fire glass will not quite fill that gallon jug. So how much do you need? Use our fire pit calculator and enter in the dimensions (in inches) you wish to fill. Usually, we recommend covering your burner until just covered, which can take anywhere from 1.5″ to 4″. Commonly, people find they end up needing more fire glass than they originally anticipated; for example – a standard 18″ burner ring with a 24″ diameter opening needs roughly (70) pounds, while a 24″ burner ring with a 30″ diameter opening needs roughly (110) pounds.

Please note, large media should not be placed on top of glass with a direct flame present, as this will melt the glass.


  • Guaranteed For Life – Fire glass is guaranteed to maintain its color for life
  • Heat Resistant – Heavy duty glass material withstands high heat