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Tungsten 500 Gas Patio Heater

Patio Heater

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Bromic Heating

With our unique, patented direct ignition system, you can be sure that your heater will start up quickly and effectively, without the need for a pilot light. And in the event that the flames should ever go out, our Flame Failure Safety Shut-Off Control will automatically shut off the heater to prevent any accidents.

Not to mention, our Bromic Tungsten 500 Gas Heater is also resistant to wind speeds of up to 8 MPH – perfect for those gusty days! Plus, with a range of pivoting ceiling and wall mount options, you can reclaim valuable floor space in your home or office. And because it’s made with durable stainless steel casing, you can rest assured knowing that your Bromic Tungsten 500 Gas Heater is built to last.