Wood Burning Stoves

With the recent introduction of the Alberta Carbon Tax, wood burning stoves are becoming more and more popular. When you add the mystique of a roaring fire in a wood stove, to the amazing heat that they generate to the real dollar savings in your natural gas heating costs they are an excellent choice.

While you are saving money on carbon taxes you don’t have to worry that you are polluting the air as you would have had to do with older wood burning stoves. These stoves are highly efficient, have systems that actually burn most of the smoke generated before it goes up the chimney and meet the most stringent of EPA guidelines set out for Oregon and Washington.

We carry beautiful stoves from the best manufacturers including Iron Strike, stuv, Vermont Castings and Lopi. These manufacturers are no only well known, they all have a reputation for superior product, incredible warranty and innovations such as self lighting stoves and thermostatic control.

Whether you want a decorative cast stove, a steel stove with a reputation for quality or something truly innovative like wood stove with a built in fire starter., Fireplaces By Weiss-Johnson has it.

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