Gas Stoves

Stand alone gas stoves offer an outstanding alternative to a traditional built in fireplace or insert. If you are looking to fill a large wall and don’t mind the cost and mess associated with renovating your home then gas fireplaces are usually the most economical option. But if you want minimal disruption to your home, a no mess installation and the ability to totally change the look and functionality of your room then a gas stove is your best option.

We carry gas stoves from Valor, Fireplacextrordinaire, Superior and Vermont Castings. They come in a variety of sizes so depending on whether you are looking to heat a small room or your whole some you have several choices.

From traditional and modern versions from Fireplacextrordinair to the classic styling of  Vermont Castings there will be a stove that will be perfect for your room.

Several of these gas stoves are on display in our showroom so drop by and see the flame while they burn and feel the heat they generate. It won’t take long to imagine one in your home.