Saber Grills

SABER’s Infrared Cooking System

You don’t have to be a chef to cook like one—even the first time you fire up a SABER grill. You may have heard about infrared (IR) grills. Maybe you even have one. But not one like this.

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SABER infrared grills use a proprietary IR cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference. It keeps meat naturally juicy and tender, even when cooked medium or well done. . Mistakes like overcooking or charring a piece of meat will be a thing of the past!


Both systems start with gas-powered burners. A traditional convection gas grill uses circulating hot air, like an oven, to cook. Hot air circulates around the food, which dries out the natural moisture in steaks and chicken and shrinks hamburgers into hockey pucks. When grease drips through the open grate, it causes flare-ups that can char the meat and create big temperature fluctuations.

An infrared (IR) grill works differently. Most IR grills use expensive ceramic emitters to convert heat from a gas-powered burner into radiant heat. Because of the open grate design, these grills cook with a combination of radiant heat and convective heat. This combination can be problematic for several reasons. Ceramic IR cooking systems are highly effective at searing food because they burn extremely hot. However, it is almost impossible to vary the temperature and burning your meal is a frequent result. Flare-ups are also a common problem due to the open grate and burner design. Due to their open port design, ceramic IR burners clog with grease and food debris. As they become more sensitive to thermal shock and temperature change and can easily crack causing performance issues and costly maintenance.





Whether you are cooking for two or if you love to cook for a crowd,SABER freestanding grills have the capacity and extra features to make entertaining a breeze. Depending on the model with 2 to 4 cooking zones allow you to adjust the cooking surface size to match the number of people you are cooking for.

Each cooking zone is individually controlled to enable you to lightly cook vegetables or fish on one area of your grill and sear steak on the other side with no problem.  These grills are not like other grills. They are life time grills with incredible warranties. Regardless of the size of grill you are looking for all are available in the four finishes pictured above.