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Proflame 2 (IFC) Board, Basic (FFRT)



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This is an official Montigo Replacement Part.  This is not an aftermarket copy – this is the official Montigo product (higher quality, proper fit).  This fireplace remote control component ships new in original packaging.

Part Number:  RGC3094

Part Description: This is a replacement digital burner remote control receiver for certain models of Montigo gas units.  This is a SIT Proflame 2 IFC Remote Control Receiver. Your remote control works in conjunction with this receiver to control certain functions of the fireplace.

Applicable Montigo Models: 


In addition, other manufacturers who use this part:

  • Ambiance Fireplaces:
  • American Hearth (Empire):
  • Archgard:
  • Astria (IHP):
  • Avalon (Travis Industries):
  • Blaze King:
  • Archgard Brigantia:
  • Napoleon / Continental:
  • Fireplace Xtrordinair:
  • Hearthstone:
  • IHP:
  • Ironstrike (IHP):
  • Jotul:
  • Kingsman Fireplaces:
  • Kozy heat:
  • Lennox:
  • Lopi (Travis Industries):
  • Marquis (Kingsman):
  • Mendota:
  • Montigo Fireplaces:
  • Regency (FPI):
  • SIT Group:
  • Superior (IHP):

Purpose: The receiver of a remote control gets the signals from the handheld part in order to operate the fireplace.

Installation tips:  Consider replacing the entire fireplace remote control kit instead (handheld and receiver).  If your current remote control is not working, the most common issues are battery replacements, distance in between the two fireplace remote control components, and syncing both parts.